Now Reading: Are you curious about how music is created

Are you curious about how music is created

Are you curious about how music is created

Ableton Live’s music course answers questions that musicians are aching to know in the their free internet course.

It was a delight completing the content in the Ableton Live music course. I am by no means a expert in music theory or creation. Nor am I a novice.


This content allowed me to inhale a different waft of air, and it cleared some of the mystery about song structure.

Most of the things in the course you’ll know already, but maybe you don’t know the jargon to explain it to you girlfriend.

This course shines light on that jargon, and your girlfriend probably won’t be impressed.

But if she’s sitting in a bar next to Frank Zappa, he’ll be impressed. Therefore melting her panties off. I apologize to my female readers in advance. I just couldn’t help myself.

Now look go at Ableton Live’s Music Course, while I submerge my mind in the gutter with bar-babes.


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