About Me

Hey there, I’m Eugene, the founder of this blog.

I guess I started when I found out about the volcas through a friend who had them layered over one of their acoustic guitar recordings. I noticed his kick was so fat and asked them how they managed to record it. Low and behold they pulled out a volca drums synthesizer and from then on I was hooked.

I want the Volca Studio page to explore all things volca synthesis, and I want it to be a place where the volca community can drop in and get inspired to try new things with their gear.

Before building the I played in a few punk bands as a kid. Served in the military for a 6 year stint, and I even opened a few businesses. I have a degree in the arts as well. I was an engineer in the Navy and that is what first spurred me to taking a look inside electronic equipment. I started with small projects and those projects grew in to me repairing phones and other miscellaneous gear people drop or neglected. I began collecting old machines just to take a look inside of them to see how they were engineered. Thus, the nerd was born.

Feel free to comment on any post on the site. I have pretty tough skin, and if you find anything on volcas, you rock and you have to share it with me.

Thanks for visiting the site, if you own a volca take pic and submit them to me. I can take your videos too (link or files). Just email me them. If you don’t own a single volca yet, use my affiliate links to buy one. It helps me run the site and keeps my wife off my butt. Seriously she doesn’t get why I geek out over volca’s, but that’s another story.