Now Reading: The #1 Contender for Synth of 2K16

The #1 Contender for Synth of 2K16

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The results are in, and Tatsuya’s synths are taking the synthesizer community by storm. reported that the Volca FM was the number one contender for best-selling synth in 2016. It’s no surprise because the sound you get for the price of the Volca FM is phenomenal.

If you are not comfortable with FM synthesis, you will be after adding the Volca FM to your collection.

Most folks don’t begin to understand Frequency Modulation (FM), but this is why the Volca FM is perfect for most musicians who need a crash course on that topic.

Real talk- who cares. The midi messages you can feed this synth will sound amazing while you record yourself tooling around with the knobs in search for that next great patch.

Did you know Aphex Twin help create some of the presets in Korg synths?

Korg has been on a roll, lately. The best-selling synth in 2016 was the Minilogue, which is also design and engineered by Tatsuya Takahashi. Artist like Aphex Twin (Rich D. James) are taking note of the work Tatsuya has been putting into his instruments.

So honeslty, why are you waiting? Get on board the wave of awesomeness if you haven’t already!

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