Now Reading: Ever Wanted a Mixer for your Volca

Ever Wanted a Mixer for your Volca

Ever Wanted a Mixer for your Volca

This chap in the KORG Forums started working on a Volca mixer product for himself and wondered if maybe someone else would be interested in this, especially since it evolved a bit from the initial plans.

Meet the Volca Nervous System!

Currently planned features:

1. Mixer

  • 6 stereo inputs (12 channels) standard 3.5mm jack stereo connectors
  • No level adjust on the input since those are already available on the outputs
  • panning pots on all the inputs
  • Two outputs (headphones and line out) with individual volume controls

2. Midi spliter

  • one input -> 5 outputs
  • full size MIDI connectors (DIN5)
  • LED for monitoring the MIDI signal is present

3. Power bank

  • clean and rechargeable power supply for Volcas
  • power 4 Volcas for at least 4 hours
  • replaceable 18650 batters
  • external charger would not be included

Since He was making this for himself, the initial thought was that he could also sell it as a kit.

He states:

it is hugely relaxing to solder for an hour or so and I think it might be rewarding for the users also. This kit would probably cost 200€.

If nobody would be interested in doing the soldering, perhaps at some point he would also sell a kit with all the components soldered so it could be built faster.

For the case he was thinking of making it from dark plexiglass and it would be the same size as a Volca.

Currently the board looks like this but he will be making some changes to the layout because the case would not look too good.


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