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FM (Frequency Mod) on Volca Bass

Making any modification to your Korg Volca will void your warranty. Do not attempt if you are not familiar with electronics engineering. Make modifications at your own risk.

This modification comes from YouTuber “Surreal Machines” Content sourced from:

The KORG volca bass is already a nice enough little synth. But mix in a modification that adds frequency modulation to the filter, and you get some delicious, acid good times.

My Opinion (VolcaDude) do I condone modding the Volca Bass with knobs? Eh, no. But I do admire people going into the world of custom instrumentation. I just don’t like the way it alters the Volca casing. And for FM it’s just not that essential in an already killer bass synth.

If you do want FM synth check out my thoughts on the Volca Kick by clicking here.


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