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How the Volca Kick Works

How the Volca Kick Works

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With the line of Volca series products well in the marketplace, the Volca Kick seems to be the ugly duckling in the bunch.

Ironically, I think that the volca kick is the most interesting in the line of Volca series products. But why…

It’s no mystery that the Volca Kick is the child of the MS-20 synthesizer.

When looking at the Volca Kick in and of itself, you can clearly see it is a micro MS-20. In which the oscillator feeds a rev.1 resonance filter, and then the signal is routed to the smoother rev.2 MS-20 to round off the sound.


The MS-20 filter even oscillates (moves really fast) to make the waveform (sound) that gives the kick its body. The Bend Knob controls the EG (envelope generator), which increases the pitch’s decay over time. 

Don’t believe it is a MS-20 that fits in the palm of your hand?

Try this,

  1. Set the Pitch/Octave to a 9 ‘o clock position.
  2. Roll the Bend & Time Knob all the way to the right
  3. Lastly, roll the tone knob the right as well.

You will be listening to the Rev.01 filter oscillating at full sizzle-ness.  Now, sweep the tone knob in the opposite direction and hear the curve of the MS-20’s Rev.02 filter kick in. It’s pure deliciousness.


How do you use this? I am glad you asked.

Just understand the Volca Kick is more of a groove box. Once you set the initial pattern of the oscillator, this Volca allows you to change the rhythm in an limitless-amount of ways.

That understanding of the Volca Kick allows you to leave the “sequence-program-forget” mentally at the door.

You can use it as a back-beat synth, but you really aren’t getting the full bang for the this little baby’s buck.

Then again, it really sits perfectly in the back-back. So it’s solely up to you. If you don’t have pick one up in the Amazon shop.

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