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Thoughts on the New Volca Kick

Thoughts on the New Volca Kick
My goodness me, what can I say about the Volca Kick. Let's see...

The Bass is so fat!!! 

In all honestly, it’s a deep sound, washed in analogue warmth.

There’s so much warmth in this little synth that you can use the bass to tuck yourself in at night on a winter evening.

I ordered mine, used (don’t pay retail for nothing), from I will post some links if there are any others available to bid on. I only paid $124.00 for my Volca Kick (because of savvy bidding). You can one new by clicking here.

The only thing that is weird about the Volca Kick is there are no other advance programming functions for it.

Which is fine. It’s literally a 16 step drum machine that makes use of pristine analogues sounds. So don’t ruin it for yourself expecting arps, 808-drums (you can get that 808 Kick & Bass) and other synthy features. There not here.

All that is there is fat-ass-bass


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